We were “GucciTech” now we are “Modern Web Solutions”

Website design, creation, and development agency, Budapest, Hungary. Website designer, creator, and developer in Budapest, Hungary.

By the end of the year 2021, after consulting with our lawyer, we decided to rebrand our business and change our business name from GucciTech to Modern web solutions and the main reason is to avoid legal conflicts with the famous brand Gucci and the problems that may occur when registering the trademark.

You all know that GucciTech has nothing to do with Gucci and GucciTech was one-word name, and we thought at the time this would be a good catchy name and it was. however while now we are taking our business to the next level, some complexities may occur and we choose to play it safe and choose a more representative name that does not conflict with any other brand.

So now, say goodby to the ex GucciTech, and welcome modern Web Solutions

Nothing will change except the name, and we are still the award-winning web design and development agency